Visual Access For Blind People

Short video providing a brief progression overview of the project


Thank you to my colleagues for your time, help and most of all the fun and challenging adventure this project was. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately, the blind are at a disadvantage when it comes to academic attainment simply since the necessary tools needed are not widely available. The focus of this project was to provide an Imaginative, innovative and cost-effective system to combat this. After some market research and analysis, we focused on creating a device which would allow the blind to better understand graphical and visual information. At the time of writing, there was no commercially viable option for potential users.

Therefore we, and our assessors as shown in the results report have a working prototype of a unique device that tackles this problem.


Final Report [Click here to download]

Preliminary Report [Click here to download]

Product Design Specification[Click here to download]

Project Proposal [Click here to download]



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